Stoli X The Color Grey


“Nobody’s perfect. People are not black or white, people are grey.” TheColorGrey

Will Michiels alias TheColorGrey wants to challenge us to free ourselves from black and white thinking. The personal history of Will is reflected in his music which doesn't follow conventions. He wants us to move. He wants us to free ourselves from stuck thought patterns. Will, who grew up in modest circumstances, can now make a living off of the creative outpourings of his heart and brain is not only priceless but a personal liberation. TheColorGrey and Stoli Voka have one thing in common, they want you to liberate your spirit.

Agency / Social Chain
Client / Stoli
Director / Lorenz Klapfer
DOP / Moritz Kluth
Producer / Nicole Brautzsch
Editing / Pascal Schulz
Color Grading / Lukas Blume
Gaffer / Nico Nietche
1. AC / Jonas Goldman

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