PA Sports x Sido x Haftbefehl - Doktor


This collaboration between PA Sports, Sido, Haftbefehl, and Alies brings together four influential and distinctive artists with their unique styles. The collaboration undoubtedly results in an electrifying track that showcases four diverse talents in German Rap. To create a video that matches the track and truly looks different, generative AI was used to create some of the sceneries.scale

Director / Leeroy Klauhs

DOP / Luka Glisic
DOP FFM / Henning „Imun“ Brix

Producer / Moritz Kluth & Tobias Gruber
PA / Wilhelmine Kolbow
PA FFM / Thorsten Spivak

Gaffer / Phillip Schröter
Light Technician / Vadim Michel
Light Equipment / Greenpoint Lighting

1. AC / Kseniia Hordiash
1. AC FFM / Max Neusinger

Edit / Sound / VFX / Grading: Leeroy

Set Runner / Hannah Walker
BTS / Tara Scheven

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