Mercedes CLA - Lose Yourself


Tonight, we meet a Berlin techno DJane. She shows us her city. In Berlin the sun goes down and real life begins. A city shaped by lateral thinkers and individualists. It is important to be different here. If you are different, you belong. If you manage to set yourself apart from the crowd, you can define yourself as an individual. The Mercedes CLA Class stands for individuality. This Shooting Brake is not only more elegant and sportier than most of its series. This model is different. This model is unique. This car is both a rebel and a free spirit.

Agency / PIN 1248
Client / Mercedes Benz
Directed / Lorenz Klapfer
DOP / Moritz Kluth
AC / Lukas Fahnert
Editor / Pascal Schulz
Drone / Guido Kunze
Sound / Robert Nogler
Colors / Lukas Blume
Music / BEC – Memory Just Energy
Driver / Bizmarcie
Starring / Rebecca Godfrey

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