Together we follow Peter‘s life story from the beginning of his studies in Munich, his formative time in New York and Naples, his creative time in Tokyo to his turbulent time in Detroit. Peter explored boundaries early on, travelled extensively, managed to build a unique bridge between tradition and modernity in his artworks and found. Together we immerse ourselves in theartist‘s bizarre world of thought. Between hishybrid sculptures of man and technology,we ask ourselves how much time we haveleft until the next cyborg revolution? DoesPeter‘s art originate from a science fictionutopia or is it merely an adaptation of modern society?

Director / Lorenz Klapfer
DOP / Moritz Kluth
Producer / Tobias Gruber
Editing / Moritz Giesl
Color Grading / Florian Schäfer
Sound Design / Robert Nogler
1. AC / Michael Mair am Tinkhof / Daniel Agostini

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