Ann Christine - CCC


Confident, determined and an exceptionally strong voice. This woman stands for empowerment, courage and self-determination. Ann Christine singer-songwriter and artist, lives in Berlin and combines different electro-acoustic genres with eachother. She is a role model and a rebel, a seductress and an icon. Ann Christine a queen of pop music of our time.

Directing DP / Moritz Kluth
Editing / Pascal Schulz
Color Grading / Lukas Blume
Gaffer / Malte Liebertz
1. AC / Lukas Fahnert
Light assistant / Leander Senoner
Photography / Milena Zara
Choreography / Felipe Fizkal
MUA / Chris Bär
Styling / Katja Stojanowa
Outfit / Accessories: Perlensau
Laser / TeamGreen - Martin S. & Joshi H.
Special thanks to Peter Golovtchiner

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