About us

Moritz Kluth

Moritz started filming out of curiosity - and that curiosity hasn’t vanished ever since. You’ll see Moritz running around the set in a plane shirt and a smirk on his face. His rather hands-on approach and creativity are always present in his camera work. A dynamic calmness. A sincere playfulness. Although he would probably never admit it, he can be quite straight-forward when it comes to getting the shot that he needs. 

Tobias Gruber

Tobias developed his love for filmproduction out of the fascination to making worlds, that don’t exist, become reality. He meticulously organises everything, keeps an eye on the budget and doesn’t rest until he is sure that the circumstances of the shoot are set to enable cast and crew to do excellent work.

Lorenz Klapfer

Growing up in the Dolomites, Lorenz has always felt a strong connection towards nature. Today, his calm attitude still echoes the steadiness of the mountains. He’s the eye of the storm on set, remaining composed while everything hurls around him. Lorenz is drawn to artful images that are born from authentic situations, constantly looking for a certain significance in the shots he directs. Art is his preferred medium to express what’s on his mind. 

Based in

01 Berlin

The city of Berlin is a hub of creative people. Its vibrant life and remarkable contrasts between rough and beautiful make the city a location where you can shoot almost every project, where creativity thrives and extraordinary ideas are born.

02 Bolzano  

Bolzano is located in the heart of the Italian Alps. This location enables us to provide uniqueness through Italian locations. From the rough mountaintops to the mediterranean seaside. No matter what your project needs, we have the production infrastructure in place.